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This Release

Release Date 21 Jan 2014
Datafreeze Date 8 Oct 2013
Havana Update Date 1 June 2014
As used in Ensembl 74 genebuild
Tiling path Date 19th February 2011
Source BAC & PAC clones from Zebrafish Genome Project
Annotation Method Manual Annotation


  • The genome of the Tuebingen strain is currently displayed in chromosomes/linkages groups 1-25.
  • Chromsome U is an artificial chromosome containing all the clones with unknown chromosomal locations.
  • The AB 'chromosome' contains PAC clones from the AB strain, sorted out to avoid problems arising from variations between the AB and the Tuebingen strains.

Havana Update

The Havana Update gene set presents updates to annotation outside of the regular release schedule.