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novel protein (4933407H18Rik)


This gene has 3 transcripts (splice variants) Show transcript tableHide transcript table

NameTranscript IDLength (bp)Protein IDLength (aa)BiotypeCCDS
AC145072.1-001OTTMUST000000709397326OTTMUSP00000036231717Protein codingGenes and/or transcript that contains an open reading frame (ORF).CCDS39064
AC145072.1-002OTTMUST000000709405620OTTMUSP00000036232532Nonsense mediated decayTranscript is thought to undergo nonsense mediated decay, a process which detects nonsense mutations and prevents the expression of truncated or erroneous proteins. -
AC145072.1-003OTTMUST000000709413236No protein product-Retained intronAlternatively spliced transcript that is believed to contain intronic sequence relative to other coding transcripts in a given locus.-

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