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Sus scrofa

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This Release

Release Date 25 August 2015
Datafreeze Date 8 June 2015
As used in Ensembl 69 genebuild
Assembly Sscrofa10.2
Source Swine Genome Sequencing Consortium (SGSC)
Annotation Method Havana and Community Manual Annotation


Vega contains annotation on three other assemblies:
  • chromosome 7-LW is a small part of chromsome 7 containing the MHC region of the Large White breed.
  • chromosomes X-WTSI and Y-WTSI are alternative assemblies of the DUROC allosomes. Chromosome U_Y represents clones known to be part of the Y-WTSI assembly but which are currently unplaced.

Comparative Analysis

Region Available species / haplotypes / strains Examples
MHC dog, chimpanzee, gorilla, human (ref. plus 7 haplotypes), mouse (ref. plus 2 NOD strains), pig (Duroc & Large White), tasmanian devil, wallaby example
LRC pig, gorilla and human (ref. and 8 haplotypes). example

Community annotation

Vega pig contains manual annotation both from Havana and from the Immune Response Annotation Group (IRAG) community annotation initiative.

Havana Update

The Havana Update gene set presents updates to annotation outside of the regular release schedule.

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